Happy Go Lucky Me

 A        C# 
I can laugh 
 D                        E 
When things aint funny 
 A            E7                   A 
(a haha) Happy go lucky me 
Yer, I can smile 
 D                          E 
When i aint got no money 
 A             E7                  A 
(a haha) Happy go lucky me 
It may sound silly but, 
Mmm, I don't care 
I got the moonlight 

I got the sun 
 A                         A7 
I've got the stars above 
 D                             A 
Me and my filly well, we both share 
 B                                                      E       E7 
This slappy go happy, happy go lucky looo...ve 
           A         C#                 D            E 
Well! Life is sweet ..Whooa sweet as honey 
 A             E7                 A 
(a haha) happy go lucky me. 

inter:  A  A7  D  E7  (2X)  volta à parte B 

contribuição: [email protected]  

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