Listen Through Me

Intro: Am   C 


Am                          C                       D 
See these ragged shoes, the soles are worn straight through, 
       Am                   C   D 
well I proclaimed 
    Am                          C                 D 
The King has sang the blues, if you've got better news, 
             Am     C D 
than make it play 

F                   G                                 F 
He layed aside his crown, all our crimes he carried 
                    G                                 Am 
Was lifted from the ground with our burdens buried 

(+ 2nd time) 
       F              G                               F 
The shadows all had flown in the light diminished 
                    G                                 Am 
He emptied out his lungs, crying it is finished 

Am            G/C        F#/D             Am 
Listen to me, though I speak of sober things 
                 G/C      F#/D                Am 
Listen through me, though we're men of lips unclean 
            G/C         F#/D               Am 
I speak truly, what you only think you've heard 
                   G/C        F#/D             Am     C 
Everything, everything, everything hangs on a word 

Play 2nd Verse PreChorus and Chorus like the first 


F  G 
A Word.... 

Finish with A (major)  

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