Midnight Storm

Capo 2 
Intro - G D G 
Verse:          G 
        We were wed in the hills of old Virginia 
        We were happy there together all alone 
        But I strayed away from my darlin' 
                                 D               G 
        Through this dark stormy night I'm going home 
Chorus:          C                    G 
        When the high wind blows from heaven 
        I whisper your name alone 
            C              G 
        I'm on my way back darlin' 
                        D           G 
        as the midnight storm rolls on 
Break:  Verse Chords 
        When the cold, dreary rain starts fallin' 
        And the clouds hide the bright golden moon 
        I see her face there before me 
        I can cry as I sing this lonesome tune 
Break:  Verse Chords 

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