On and On

From: Steve Johnson  

Cmaj7             Am7                    Cmaj7         Am7 
Down in Jamaica they got lots of pretty women 
Cmaj7            Am7                       Dm7        Dm7/G 
Steal your money then they break your heart 
Cmaj7            Am7                         Cmaj7           Am7 
Lonesome Sue, she's in love with ol' Sam 
    Dm7                        Dm7/G            Cmaj7        A7+  A7 
She take him from the fire into the fryin' pan 

  On and on 
  She just keeps on trying 
Cmaj7                                             A7+         A7 
  And she smiles when she feels like crying 
         Dm7              Dm7/G         Cmaj7 Am7 Cmaj7 Am 
  On and on, on and on, on and on
Cmaj7        Am7                  Cmaj7             Am7 
Poor ol' Jimmy sits alone in the moonlight 
Cmaj7          Am7                 Dm7   Dm7/G 
Saw his woman kiss another man 
         Cmaj7           Am7                         Cmaj7              Am7 
So he takes a ladder, steals the stars from the sky 
Dm7       Dm7/G        Cmaj7         A7+   A7 
Puts on Sinatra and starts to cry 
{repeat Chorus} 
             Am7               Em7 
    When the first time is the last time 
           Dm7      Dm7/G     Cmaj7 
    It can make you feel so bad 
               Am7      Em7 
    But if you know it, show it 
    Am7     D7                 Dm7                Dm7/G               Cmaj7      Am7     Cmaj7   Am7
    Hold on tight, don't let her say "Goodnight." 
             Cmaj7            Am7                          Cmaj7              Am7 
I got the sun on my shoulders and my toes in the sand 
Cmaj7          Am7                          Dm7   Dm7/G 
My woman's left me for some other man 
              Cmaj7     Am7                 Cmaj7                 Am7 
Ah, but I don't care -- I'll just dream and stay tanned 
Dm7           Dm7/G        Cmaj7                 A7+    A7 
Toss up my heart and see where it lands.  

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