Picket Fences

"Picket Fences" by "Chely Wright" from the album "Single White Female"  track  
number 7 
transcribed by Vince ....email:  [email protected]'ve never tabbed  
stuff on here before so if it's confusing ...please forgive me... 
Pickin' the song sounds really nice 
(Capo on the first fret) 
Intro:  G....Bm.....C 
       G               Bm               C  (then walk it down)  Am            
Little boys and little girls dream of big, big things.  They're taught  
                         D                                      G 
at a tender age just what life should bring.  Get a job say I do and  
  C (walk it down)         Am                                    D 
settle yourself down.  But what about those of us whose lives are  
still spinnin' around. 
             C                               D                    G  
Tell me what's so great about picket fences.  Paintin' them's such a  
                   C                             D                       
mess.  And a big back yard where kids can play.  I'd probably  
   G                                             C                           D 
never get a moment's rest.  And settin' the table for five at five. 
          Bm                           A        C                              
Only means more dishes to load.  What's so great about picket  
                 Am    D          G 
fences.  I guess i'll never know. 
(same as the first time) 
Here i am in my prime at least they tell me so.  And if i go to sleep 
at night I always go alone.  I guess that I could have it all and  
someone by my side.  But I can't take the give and take the price 
is just too high. 
              C                              G                       Am 
Tell me what's so great about picket fences.  I guess I'lllllllll 
    D     G 
 never know. 

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