Pink Floyd — Money bass tabs

Pink Floyd — Money bass tabs

G ————4—————————————————
D ———————4————————————0—
A —2——————2—————0——2————
E  ———————————2——————————


G ————4—————————————————|————4—————————————————    
D ———————4————————————0—|———————4————————————0—
A —2——————2—————0——2————|—2——————2—————0——2————
E ———————————2——————————|———————————2——————————
G ——————————————————————+————4—————————————————
D ————0——————————————0——|———————4————————————0—
A —2—————2—————0——2—————|—2——————2—————0——2————
E ——————————2———————————|———————————2——————————
G ————4—————————————————|————4————————————————
D ———————4————————————0—|———————4————————————0—
A —2——————2—————0——2————|—2——————2—————0——2————
E ———————————2——————————|———————————2—————————— xTWO
G ——————————————————————|————4—————————————————
D ————0——————————————0——|———————4————————————0—
A —2—————2—————0——2—————|—2——————2—————0——2————
E ——————————2———————————|———————————2——————————
G ————————————————————————————————————————————
D —4————4———————————4—|—3——2—————————————————0—
A ————————————0——4————|———————2————————0——2————
E —————————2——————————|——————————0——3——————————
G ————4—————————————————|————4—————————————————
D ———————4————————————0—|———————4————————————0—
A —2——————2—————0——2————|—2——————2—————0——2————
E ———————————2——————————|———————————2——————————


         xEiGHT                      xFOUR
G ————4—————————————————|————9—————————————————
D ———————4————————————0—|———————9————————————5—
A —2——————2—————0——2————|—7——————7—————5——7————
E ———————————2——————————|———————————7——————————
G ————4———————————————————————————————————————
D ———————4————————————0——|—4————4———————————4——
A —2——————2—————0——2—————|————————————0——4—————
E ———————————2———————————+—————————2———————————
G ————————————————————————|————————————————————
D —3——2—————————————————0—|————————————————————
A ———————2————————0——2————|——222—222—222—222———
E ——————————0——3——————————|————————————————————

A —222—222—222—222—|


   xEiGHT      xFOUR       xFOUR
A —2——5——4——3—|—7——6——5——4—|—2——5——4——3—

G ————————————|—4——2———————|——————————————
D ————4——3——2—|———————5——4—|——————————————
A ————————————|————————————|—2——0———————————
E —2——————————|————————————|———————4——3————       xFOUR

A —2——5——4——3—


Money by Pink Floyd Bass Tablature

Are you a bass player looking to learn the iconic bass line from Pink Floyd’s hit song Money? Look no further! With the abundance of Money bass tabs available on various websites, both beginners and intermediate players can easily learn to play this classic tune. In this article, we’ll explore the availability of Money bass tabs, covers and play-alongs on YouTube, levels of difficulty, paid resources, views and favorites, additional resources, Ultimate Guitar collection, and our conclusion. So grab your bass guitar and let’s dive into the world of Money by Pink Floyd bass tablature!


Finding an ideal bass tab for Money by Pink Floyd is a relatively straightforward task. There are a multitude of platforms and websites offering different versions of the song, catering to various levels of musicians. From free options to paid memberships with additional learning resources such as video lessons and easier tabs, there is a wide selection of bass tabs available for Money.

Players of all skill levels can enjoy playing along with the song as there are plenty of tabs that not only include bass guitar but also other instruments such as drums and guitar. With this variety of tabs, you can learn and practice Money at your own pace.

For those willing to invest in their learning, paid memberships can be beneficial as they include additional resources. However, even without spending a cent, there is still a plethora of quality tabs that are available for free.

By searching for Money by Pink Floyd bass tabs, you can easily find the perfect tab for your skill level and instrument of choice. With the many options available, you can learn to play the song regardless of your financial situation.

Covers and Play Alongs

The sheer range of musical interpretations of Pink Floyd’s Money is astounding. From professionals to amateurs, a plethora of musicians have shared their take on the iconic song through YouTube covers and play alongs. Whether you’re a beginner looking to expand your repertoire or an expert seeking to hone your technique, these renditions provide an opportunity to explore a wide array of styles and levels of expertise.

To further refine your playing, instructional videos and backing tracks are available on the web. These breakdowns of the song’s structure highlight key techniques and offer guidance for playing along. Additionally, guitar pro bass stems and other resources can be downloaded to create a more immersive experience. With play alongs, novices and pros alike can enhance their skills and gain a deeper appreciation for this classic hit.

Levels of Difficulty

Playing Money by Pink Floyd on the bass guitar can be a daunting task for those starting out. However, there are a variety of resources available online tailored to different levels of difficulty. Whether you are looking for simplified lines or complex techniques such as tapping and slapping, you will be able to find tabs to meet your needs. Additionally, some websites provide video lessons and advanced tabs for those who want to take their skills to the next level. With regular practice and dedication, you can master the bassline of this iconic Pink Floyd song.

If you want to get the most out of your playing experience, you can find tabs that include all the instruments in the song. This will allow you to practice playing in harmony with other instruments and become a more well-rounded musician. It’s important to note that the difficulty level of each tab can vary from website to website, so make sure to experiment with different tabs. With some hard work and dedication, you can master Money by Pink Floyd and make it your own.

Paid Resources

If you are eager to get a grip on the bass line of Money by Pink Floyd, you might want to consider investing in resources from some websites. These resources can help you learn the tabs with greater speed and accuracy, making it much easier for you to accompany the song. Some websites provide their paid users with exclusive video lessons, which can be especially useful for novices. You may also be able to get your hands on professionally recorded backing tracks or guitar pro bass stems, which can help you to better grasp the nuances of the song’s bass line.

Prior to committing to purchasing paid resources to aid you with mastering Money on the bass guitar, it’s important to do your research. It’s worth taking the time to compare your options, as some websites provide more comprehensive resources than others. Furthermore, it might be beneficial to read reviews from other users to get a sense of which websites offer the most beneficial resources. Although paid resources can be helpful, they are not a substitute for practice and diligence. Utilizing the right resources and dedicating yourself to learning can lead to you mastering the bass line of Money and showing off your musical abilities.

Views and Favorites

The long-lasting fame of Pink Floyd’s Money is clear by the millions of views and thousands of favorites it has acquired on various websites. This is a remarkable feat, taking into account the song was released over four decades ago. It is obvious that Money has proven its timelessness and continues to captivate people around the world.

The availability of bass tablatures for the song has been a contributing factor to its fame. Music fans can explore the different tabs available online and select one that suits their level and style of playing. This has made Money accessible to a larger audience and has played a role in its success.

Many have gone to YouTube to cover and perform the song. These videos have earned their own share of views and favorites, some of which are creative and reflect the ingenuity of the musicians. Watching these covers can be a great way to enjoy the song and learn new ways to play it.

For those who are serious about mastering Money, certain websites offer resources such as video lessons, practice tracks, and tailored feedback. Though these materials may require a financial investment, they can be advantageous for those devoted to perfecting the song. The presence of these resources has made it easier for aspiring bassists to learn the song and enhance their skills.

Additional Resources

To help bass players learn Money by Pink Floyd, some websites offer supplemental resources. For instance, backing tracks allow bassists to accompany the rest of the band, while guitar pro bass stems offer a more in-depth transcription of the bass part. These tools are especially advantageous for intermediate players who want to hone their skills.

Moreover, many websites feature forums and communities for bassists to connect, exchange advice, and discuss their love of Pink Floyd. Regardless of experience level, these resources can assist in improving playing and mastering Money’s iconic bass line.

Ultimate Guitar Collection

The Ultimate Guitar Collection is a must-have for any serious stringed instrument aficionado. This comprehensive website contains an expansive library of tabs, chords, and sheet music for a wide variety of songs, including Pink Floyd’s renowned piece, Money. With over 185 bass tabs alone, the Ultimate Guitar Collection is the go-to resource for anyone dedicated to honing their skills and mastering their favorite tunes.

Regardless of the version of Money you are looking for, the Ultimate Guitar Collection will satisfy your search. With tabs available for both novice and experienced players, you are sure to find the perfect level of difficulty to challenge yourself and refine your technique. And with tabs available for not just bass, but also guitar and other instruments, you can accompany your favorite version of the melody.

Although most of the tabs and resources on the Ultimate Guitar Collection are free, paying users can enjoy plenty of additional benefits. With access to learning tabs faster and additional materials such as backing tracks and guitar pro bass stems, paid users can take their playing to the next stage.

The Ultimate Guitar Collection is the ideal destination for any musician determined to enhance their abilities and broaden their repertoire. With its extensive library of tabs, chords, and sheet music, you can learn to play your favorite songs like a pro. And with over 185 bass tabs available for Pink Floyd alone, including Money, you’ll never lack of new songs to master.


In conclusion, Money by Pink Floyd is a popular song among bass players and musicians alike. With the availability of numerous bass tabs on various websites, players of all levels can learn and play along with the song. The covers and play-alongs on YouTube only add to the popularity of this classic tune. Paid resources can offer faster learning and additional materials such as backing tracks and guitar pro bass stems. The song’s millions of views and thousands of favorites are a testament to its enduring appeal. The Ultimate Guitar collection alone contains 185 tabs for Pink Floyd songs. Overall, Money by Pink Floyd remains a beloved song for bass players and music enthusiasts around the world.

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