Pretenders — My City Was Gone bass tabs

Very great Pretenders song with an awesome bass line...

Main Riff:


Thats the main riff for most of the song.

"..Way to go Ohio..." part:

G————————— G——————————9—10—11—————
D——7—7———— 3x then... D—7—7————————————————9~
A——————9—7 A—————9—7——————————————
E————————— E——————————————————————

Then the bridge back to the verse:

G—————— G————
D—————— D————
A—7—7—— Quickly 7x A——7
E—————0 E————

Then just go back to the verse and follow that riff. The main riff has some variations
but it's not that hard to figure out. This is my first tab and I know this song is fairly
accurate. Have fun playing this great bass line!

7~ hold
7 slide down

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