Were In Love


Verse 1
G             Bm     Em       D
You could absolutely break my heart
C           G          Em      D
That's how I know that we're in love
G                Bm     Em   D
I don't need the symbol of a scar
   C            G
So put down the knife
          Bm    D
We're not swapping blood
C         G             G        G/F#    Em
Isn't it enough that we stripped down to our skin?
G        C              D
Cold and porcelain like bathers in a painting
    C                                   G    G/F#        Em
And I told you of your past lives, every man you've ever been
   G            Em            D
It wasn't flattering, but you listened like it mattered

C               G     G/F#  Em
I feel crazy in ways I never say
C                            G      G/F#     Em
Will you still love me if it turns out I'm insane?
C           G                  C                 D         G
I know what you'll say, but it helps to hear you say it anyway

(G) G/F# Em D C
 G  G/F# Em D A   C

Verse 2
       G            Bm
Some October in the future
         Em           D
I'll run out of trash TV
     C              G               Em          D
And I'll be feeling lonely, so I'll walk to karaoke
         G    G/F#       Em
Sing the song you wrote about me
      C                 D
Never once checking the words
            G             Em
I hope that no one sings along
            C          D
I hope that I am not a regular

Damn, that makes me sad
           G                   Em
It doesn't have to be like that
   G                Em               D
If you rewrite your life, may I still play a part?

Verse 3
       G                  Em
In the next one, will you find me?
            C                     D
I'll be the boy with the pink carnation
               G                  D                 C
Pinned to my lapel who looks like hell and asks for help
           D               A
And if you do, I'll know it's you
         C                         G       D        Em
I can't imagine you without the same smile in your eyes
         C                               G   D       Em
There is somethin' about you that I will always recognize
And if you don't remember
       C                        G
I will try to remind you of the hummingbirds

You know the ones
        C          D
And the baby scorpion
        G            Em
And the winter lunar halo
        C                   D
And the walk we took in the Redwoods

           G      D      Em      D                C
I could go on and on and on (And on and on) and I will
   G      D      Em D            C
Go on and on and on until it all comes back

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